Web Map Programming Course for Beginners✌️

Learn how to work with open data gov and create web map applications to expand your horizons.
What you will get?
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What you will learn?

Work with open data

File Formats and Coordinate Systems

HTML, CSS and Javascript basics

Interactions and UI

Mapbox Studio Editor

Editing basemaps and Editing layers

All necesary to publish your web map

Domains, Git, Github Pages, Deployment and Updating

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Two real practical examples
For Geographers, journalists, urban planners and all professionals and students who want to expand their skills in data visualization and programming.

Election results and cadastral parcels per year construction web maps.

Learn how to create a map with leyend, popups, geocoding, zoom in-out, selectors, title and more.

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Price: 60€ *The price excludes VAT for EU customers